How Much Sunlight is too Much?

I had injured my back by lifting heavy stuff back in August 2018. The pain was debilitating. After numerous tests I got results back from the Doctors that it was three herniated disks and they also found out that I had early degeneration of spinal bone. And some more things in doctor language!

One of the things they told me to do is to get Vitamin D (sunlight) on my back. And the other was hydrotherapy. So I combined both and started going out to rivers and then to the sea, to get some exercises and to get the sun.

Good decision, no? But no.

I slapped on Sunscreen and went to do some exercises (hydrotherapy).

We have around 300 small islands around our main island. As Pacific Ocean is all around us so hydrotherapy should be easy, right?

This is the small island we went to.

At first I wore a shirt to cover my arms.

But I needed to go in the water and get the sun at the same time...

But after our day at the sea, I ended up like a this...

Even a week after, I still have peeling skin...

So I haven't been back to the sea for now. But I need to go and do my exercises for my back pain. I'm thinking of going again...

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