Strong Nation Zumba by Amy Ruttan

I don’t really have advice, so I thought I’d talk a little about my fitness journey. I started it two months after my mother died. I was a wreck, I was a mess and I was weak. I started my journey to get stronger and to help with my grief.
Not to lose weight, although that has benefited my heath.
Not to fit into smaller clothes.
I wanted to get stronger. Mentally and physically.
My gym started offering STRONG by Zumba. I saw the video and I’m like uhhh no. Not ready, but early summer 2019 I’m like, maybe.
I was hooked. Completely and I’ve gotten a heck of lot stronger and it’s helped a lot with my shoulder and back pain, because it’s built up my core and helped with my cardiovascular endurance.
I can’t run because of bad news and yeah there are some moves I can’t do during a workout because of said bad news, but if you modify, you still burn.
I burn, on average, 700 calories for a 60 minute class.
When I do mention the workout I do hear a lot of “I can’t do that work out” or “I’m not co-ordinated enough” when I talk about SBZ (now known as Strong Nation).
I think the Zumba aspect of SBZ tripped people up about it and why they switched their name to STRONG Nation,
There’s no dance. I am the most uncoordinated person there is and I can do it.
There’s music and the moves are synced to a beat, but you’re not dancing. You’re doing burpees, bear crawls, squats, planks, punches, kicks. It’s a High Intensity Interval Training, but don’t let the HIIT deter you.
Anyone can do it. Remember I mentioned my crap knees? Modifications! And don’t feel bad about not being in sync your first class, it literally takes 3 classes to get in sync and once you’re in sync to the beat, you actually want to progress.
At first, my gym only offered it 1x a week. I couldn’t wait for that day. I was SO excited when it rolled around. Then it showed up 2x a week. *FIST PUMP* Then 3x a week and then the pandemic hit.

Thankfully, my gym FitClub Bootcamps does virtual workouts and now offers it 4x a week, but I just do 3x because it was too much for my knees. My knees are getting stronger.
The workout is sectioned on into 4 quadrants with 3 songs for each quadrant. With the 4th quadrant being completely on the floor and focusing on core.
Q1 Song #1, 2, 3
Q2 Song #1, 2, 3
Q3 Song #1, 2, 3
Q4 (On the floor) Song #1, 2, 3
Cool down.
There’s also songs between quadrants so you can get water and come down off that high intensity.
What I like about it is, anyone can do it.
I love the music and I love the message the workout and all the instructors send, that we’re all strong and fierce.
I highly recommend if you’re looking for a workout with not too much equipment needed. You literally just need yourself and a mat, oh and an instructor! And I’m a bit biased when I say I have the two best instructors in the world. So huge shout out to Robyn and Allison.
Not only has this workout made me stronger, healthier, but it’s helped my writing career by keeping my mind clear and helped with the long hours I am at the computer.
In a way I’m saying to writers, to get up and move when you can’t write or stare at the screen. Do something.
STRONG Nation is my something and if you get a chance to try it.

Do try it!

 About the Author: Amy Ruttan

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Amy fled the big city to settle down with the country boy of her dreams. When she's not furiously typing away at her computer, she's a mom to three children.
Life got in the way, and after the birth of her second child, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a romance author.

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