What Wendy Davies Does!

With the Emerald Award
I don't wear makeup. Like hardly ever. I’ve been like this most of my life. Besides, I’m happy to sleep in a few more minutes in the morning without spending time “making myself beautiful” as my mother used to say. Mind you, all she ever did was put on some lipstick, so no wonder I don’t do much.

My usual routine is to wash my face with soap and water, sometimes with a scrub or loafer, but often not. After that I splash my face with some witch-hazel tonic and add moisturiser. I use one that has sun protection added in because the Australian sun is harsh all year round. That's it.

The last time I put on makeup was for the RomanceWriters of Australia Conference Dinner in Brisbane last August where I won the Emerald Award. Even then, all I did was change out my usual moisturiser with a tinted version, added mascara and lipstick and I was done.
And this laid-back approach even extends to my hair. Having short hair helps. I brush it, of course I do, once or twice a day. But most times, after a quick run through with my hands, my hair just falls into place. No fussing. No blow drying. No special attention needed. When it gets too long to handle like this, I get it cut. That’s maybe every four months or so.

I only wash my hair with conditioner (no shampoo) every second day. Not because I’m a slob, but because it doesn’t need washing more often than that. Mind you, if I’ve gone for a long bike ride and get all hot and sweaty, naturally I’ll shower, and wash my hair, when I get home. I like being clean. I like my hair being clean too. But I don’t spend much time looking after it.

This drives my hairdresser crazy. Every time I go in for a cut he bemoans the fact that I don’t use any product. He can’t understand how my hair can be so healthy when I don’t do much of anything to look after it. I just smile at him and tell him I don’t have to because he cuts my hair so well, it’s fine just as it is. He rolls his eyes and says if all his customers were like me, he’d be out of business.

I fully acknowledge my routine isn’t for everybody. But it works for me.

Australian, Wendy Lee Davies began writing romances as a lark after leaving her communications and editing job of many years.
Wendy enjoys cycling, especially cycle touring which she did a lot of in her younger, some say more foolish, years. Now that she’s older and wiser, Wendy is wearing out the bike paths around her home town, making good use of her amazing pedal-assist electric bike. She's also traversed most of the incredible rail trails available in Victoria, and one in New Zealand as well.
If she's not writing or riding her bike, Wendy can be found enjoying a coffee in some cafe. Or taking landscape photographs. Sometimes she makes cookies or muffins. She’s even been known, on occasion, to annoy her writing friends with long, detailed editorial comments on their latest writing endeavour. But don't worry. They get her back, tenfold, when it comes to critiquing her latest romance-in-progress.
You can catch up on her latest news via her website ( www.wendyleedavies.com ). She loves hearing from readers, so don’t be shy about dropping her a line.

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Good Enough For Love: Willow's Bend Series, Book 1

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Zach Wentworth, a local sheep farmer, wants to do the right thing. When he comes across a woman stuck in the hotel window, he naturally tries to help.

Sure, Amber knows their sizzling attraction won’t last. It never does, because she’s never been good enough for anyone to love.

Without the hotel, Willow’s Bend is likely to die a slow death, so Zach does whatever he can to secure his town's future. But doing the right thing might mean risking his heart.

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