The Business of Writing by Susan Carlisle

Writing and publishing is a changing business. Notice I wrote business. Too many writers never consider publishing as a business. They become so wrapped up in the glamor of publishing a book they forget the details of being a business. If you wish to be a working author, you must think of publishing as an industry. This will be the case whether you are traditionally published or independently published. Business skills will be required.  

The most important skill is your ability to finish a book. It should be the best you can make it. The book should appeal to someone other than your mother. ‘The end’ is the two best words in a writer’s life. Make sure you are there before sending the book out.

When the book is all you believe it can be then it’s time to send it to your editor or agent. If that’s the direction you are going. A traditional publisher will handle the editing and copy editing for you, but you’ll still have to do the dirty work of revising. The work doesn’t stop here. There will be another book to write, while edits are coming back, while art fact sheets need to be completed and another read-through will be required.

If you’re doing Indy publishing, I beg you to consider an editor when you are finished. After that person has provided you edits, and you’ve made them, have a copy editor refine the manuscript. These steps do make a difference. Don’t skip them. If you have computer skills, you may wish to upload the manuscript yourself. If you don’t have those tech skills, you’ll need to hire someone to do the uploading.

None of this is for the faint of heart. Then you must start promoting the book. No matter if you are traditionally published or Indy published, promotion is the way to sell. This takes time and energy, and all while working on another book.

You’ll also need to do the numbers end of the writing business. You must account for expenses, income, and the list goes on. Prepare yourself beforehand. Learn all you can before you step off into the professional publishing world. Your every move should be based on what direction you want your business to go because that’s the only way success will follow.

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Racing to You (Love in the Air Book 1)

The last person she wanted to ask for help is the man who destroyed her father’s life.

Hot air balloon pilot Emily Kerr needs to enter a coast-to-coast race across America to raise funds and start her own ballooning business. Her only obstacle is finding a sponsor.

Reid Martin is an industrial textile manufacturer who has developed a promising high-tech material, but he needs to test it in a practical setting before selling it to the Department of Defense. With a government contract in hand, Reid can take his family company public, saving it from bankruptcy.

Despite her reservations, Emily offers Reid an enticing opportunity to get a first-hand look at what his fabric can do. He agrees to help the intriguing woman but with two stipulations:

1. She must use the balloon he constructs
2. He will accompany her on the three-week trip

While floating across the sky, Emily reluctantly accepts the appealing man’s presence while vowing not to let him touch her heart. Will Reid risk everything—including Emily’s dream and his hope of winning her love—to save his future?

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Mending the ER Doc's Heart

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emergency room, Chad’s firm defenses are tested! Because behind her dazzling smile he recognizes a similar wariness in her eyes. But when Chad sees how she can make his little boy light up like never before, he can’t ignore how she may be the missing piece to their puzzle…
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Atlanta Children's Hospital
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About Susan Carlisle

Susan Carlisle’s love affair with books began when she made a bad grade in math in the sixth grade. Not allowed to watch TV until she brought the grade up, Susan filled her time with books. She turned her love of reading into a love of writing. Susan has released through HarperCollins’s Harlequin medical imprint over thirty contemporary romances. Her Modern Masters of Their Castles trilogy and Float Away with Me is under her own imprint. Her steamy stories have strong heroes with the vibrant women who challenge them.


Her traditionally published nonfiction book Nick’s New Heart 30 Years and Counting came out on March 2021, under Susan May. It is about her son’s heart transplant experience. The second, a historical biography A WWII Flight Surgeon’s Story was released by Pelican Publishing under the author name S. Carlisle May.


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