I Don't Have Time to Get Organized by Dani Collins!

Advice – I Don't Have Time to Get Organized!

I can't claim to be particularly organized person. This grieves me deeply because my grandmother was very much the type of person who had a place for everything and everything in its place. I have long aspired to be more like her. But fifty-plus years in, I'm going to have to admit that being pathologically organized is not written into my DNA.

However, I am an author who regularly turns in 6 to 8 books a year and releases 6 to 8 books a year. That's a lot of deadlines, blog posts, book launches, newsletters, and giveaways. Our children have flown the coop in recent years, which helps a lot in terms of how many day-to-day tasks are on my plate, but laundry and cooking still exist in my world. Believe me, I've been waiting for the private jet to take me to an island where dental appointments and snow tires are not a thing, but so far, no luck.

I'm often asked how I keep it all straight, and trust me, it’s a challenge. When I first published seven years ago, I got my first iPhone and I promptly got my first calendar app. Then I got another one and another one. None of these task organization apps helped me. Some of them kept grocery lists, some were color-coded for our children's high school activities and the shifts that my husband was working and the flex hours I was working at my day job at the time.

Scheduling all of these things into my phone became one more to do. It was exhausting, and it didn't work, especially because I can’t stand typing on my phone.

I finally went old-school. I found a business calendar (Polestar Business Agenda is my organizer of choice) that shows a week at a glance. I use a pencil so I can erase and yes, it stays on my desk at home, which means it’s not with me when I’m booking my next acupuncture appointment, but as soon as I'm home I write it in. If it conflicts, I change it.

One of the most important ways this method works for me is the ability to push tasks forward easily. You might be someone who works in a calendar app and has no problem scrolling and clicking and pushing items around. My brain operates better if I visually see the week’s task at a glance. On Sunday night, I review and reschedule anything that wasn’t completed. I rarely completely drop tasks (unless I’m consciously procrastinating. Website updates often get pushed and pushed and pushed.)

Along with appointments and writing goals and upcoming promotions and my gym days, I also make note of content ideas for my next newsletter. Also, on a daily basis, I write down my word count so the running total gives me a sense of achievement.

Obviously, this isn't a new concept. You may very well have a wall calendar that tracks soccer practice and early dismissal that works perfectly for you. But if you’re juggling creative or small business goals with all those other tasks, you might find this works for you.

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