Less is More with Author K. A. Servian

Less is More

I’m told regularly (sometimes even by complete strangers) that I have nice skin. This always surprises me as I rarely wear make-up and I’ve never been one for complex skincare regimes. The only rule I do have when it comes to what I use is natural all the way. As I’ve aged (I’m now pushing fifty), I’ve found that my skin has become increasingly sensitive. After trying a few different things over the years, I’ve  found several products that work for me and I stick with them.
I’ve been a fan of the Trilogy range for many years and the fact that it was started in Wellington, New Zealand (my home town) is just an added bonus. I find that if I use their Very Gentle products for sensitive skin I never have any problems with rashes, redness or dryness. I also like the Essano Rosehip Body lotion because it’s natural and reasonably priced.

On the rare occasions that I wear make-up I stick to natural brands with no fragrance, parabens or other nasties. Living Nature (another NZ brand) has been around for years. Their eye shadows and lipsticks are good quality and don’t irritate. The number 11 natural liquid foundation and concealer from Couleaur Caramel match my pale skin tone well and if I need a BB cream for sun protection as well as foundation for my face then Le Mav have a good product.

The sun in NZ is harsh so I always wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses when I’m outside in summer. As I react to most sunscreens on the market (developing an itchy rash), I use only Invisible Zinc.

About K A Servian:

An overwhelming urge to create led Kathy to pursue qualifications in both fashion design and applied design to fabric which were followed by a twenty year career in the fashion and applied arts industries and a crafting habit Martha Stewart would be proud of.
Kathy then discovered a love of teaching and began passing on the skills she'd accumulated over the years—design, pattern-making, sewing, Art Clay Silver, screen-printing and machine embroidery to name a few. 
Creative writing started as a self-dare to see if she had the chops to write a manuscript. Kathy’s first novel, Peak Hill, which was developed from that manuscript, was a finalist in the Romance Writers of New Zealand Pacific Hearts Full Manuscript contest in 2016.
Her second novel, Throwing Light was published in February 2017 and her third novel, The Moral Compass is due out in late 2017.
Kathy now squeezes full time study for an advanced diploma in creative writing around writing the sequel to The Moral Compass, teaching sewing and being a wife and mother.

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Author K. A. Servian has a new book out this month:

The Moral Compass (Shaking the Tree Book 1)

Florence lives like a Princess attending dinner parties and balls away from the gritty reality, filth and poverty of Victorian London.
However, her world comes crashing around her when her father suffers a spectacular fall from grace. She must abandon her life of luxury, leave behind the man she loves and sail to the far side of the world where compromise and suffering beyond anything she can imagine await her. 
When she is offered the opportunity to regain some of what she has lost, she takes it, but soon discovers that not everything is as it seems. The choice she has made has a high price attached and she must live with the heart-breaking consequences of her decision. 

This novel is part one in the 'Shaking the Tree' series.

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  1. i was a sun worshiper, did not really take proper care of my skin, and now i am paying. but at 59, i try not to worry about it!!!

    1. I did envy those who could tan when I was younger, but I’ve never been able to go brown so there never seemed much point sitting around in the sun.

  2. The sun in Las Vegas is really harsh in the summer time here too. I'm always wearing a moisturizer with sun screen in it.

  3. NZ has the highest rate of skin cancer per capita in the world so, like you, I have to be extra careful in summer.

  4. It is so difficult to find just the right products for our skin, especially as it changes. Spf on my face makes me break out and being in my 40s, that is not acceptable. :) But I have to wear it too. I do love a great period novel. This sounds like a wonderful read.

    1. Thanks, Miss Val. I’m like you with the spf on my face although the invisible zinc seems to be okay.

  5. Trying to keep my gardening to the early mornings.

  6. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  7. It's good to have skin care products that work well. I've used Arbonne's anti-aging set since I was in my 30s. Nobody can tell I'm approaching 50.