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I love natural products. As I get older, my skin demands more hydration than ever. Between our harsh environment in Australia and wearing make-up when I work, my skin does suffer. I’ve struggled for years with very dry skin, partly caused by having my thyroid removed a long time ago. I also do silly things like forgetting to remove makeup, so really don’t treat my skin well.

Coconut oil is wonderful and I use it a couple of times a week. Cold pressed (so, hard and waxy at normal temperatures and liquid when heated) works well. I use my hair dryer to liquefy the top layer and massage into clean skin. Smells great also!

For normal moisturising, rose-hip based products are my go-to. At present I’m using and loving the Essano Rosehip Moisturiser which also include Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. This is a very hydrating cream and exceptionally gentle on sensitive skin.

When I work in our shop, I wear make-up. Because of my dry skin, many brands flake during the day. Natio doesn’t. This Australian family owned brand ticks lots of boxes for me. Predominantly plant based throughout their range of skincare and cosmetics, there is no animal testing. And, they work. The Pure Mineral Foundation glides on and give a light, but effective cover. Use with or without powder. I’m about to buy a selection of Natio cosmetics to try and believe they’ll offer the same great results.

I’m not a skincare expert and even less knowledgeable about makeup, which is kind of funny seeing as my protagonist in The Stationmaster’s Cottage and Jasmine Sea is Christie, a highly qualified film makeup specialist. I probably learnt more from researching her job than from anywhere else.

My advice is to experiment with brands, find ones that suit your skin type, and have a bit of fun with trying different looks.

Thanks for having me along.

About Phillipa Nefri Clark

Phillipa Nefri Clark grew up around lonely Australian beaches with wild seas and misty cliffs. From a young age she wrote stories and dreamed of being a writer. There were many detours along the way as she trod paths as diverse as a travelling sales rep to singing and acting. Fascinated by film, Phillipa wrote five feature length screenplays, one which was optioned. Now living in regional Victoria on a small acreage close to a mountain range, she markets the family business a few days a week and writes the rest of the time. With nonfiction credits for specialist canine publications, she finally returned to stories with the release of The Stationmaster’s Cottage, a dual timeline romance, in February 2017. Her great loves, apart from writing, are her family of two young adult sons and her husband, their Labrador, music,  fine wine, and friends.

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Jasmine Sea: A River's End Love Story. Book Two

Sometimes facing the past is the only way forward.

Starting over never felt better. Christie Ryan adores the little cottage she’s renovating, the seaside town that embraced her, and Martin Blake, the man she longs to marry. Ex-fiancé Derek Hobbs is finally out of the picture, and there are no more secrets in her life or mysteries to solve.

Will the arrival of a mysterious woman who commissions a portrait from Martin under a cloud of secrecy break her after all? Unrest and suspicion remind Christie that happiness can be fleeting, and when the peaceful town is shattered by crime, her past is again thrust into the limelight.

With one chance and only minutes to save those she loves, Christie comes face to face with her greatest fear—and there is no way around it.

Jasmine Sea follows on from The Stationmaster's Cottage, set shortly after its stunning conclusion.

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  1. Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day

  2. Hello! Thanks for dropping by Caneyhead. I admit, I usually just buy whatever is cheap for lotions. Anything with coconut oil added to it is all the rage here in Texas now. At this rate there may soon be a macaroon shortage! 😉

    1. LOL, can't have any shortages! Coconut oil is so beneficial both inside and outside. The rosehip moisturiser is really inexpensive. I am dreadful at spending money on skincare, so to be able to pick up something natural and cheap is a bonus!

  3. I have used home made coconut oil before. Happy thanksgiving!

    1. Oh, that would be wonderful! And a slightly belated happy thanksgiving to you as well :-).

  4. I am a big fan of natural products and make a lot of my own beauty products. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. I'd love to hear more about your own beauty products! As Nas mentions below, Christie in The Stationmaster's Cottage (River's End Romance Book 1) and Jasmine Sea: A River's End Love Story. Book Two! is a makeup artist - although she works in film, her great love is helping people with scars, burns etc and that's often where really natural products come into their own.

  5. Hi Phillipa,

    Coconut Oil is amazing. I had heat rashes and put coconut oil which cured it. And then someone said they had some skin fungal infection, I told them to put coconut oil and it cleared.

    And your main character, Christie is a make up artist in The Stationmaster's Cottage (River's End Romance Book 1) I'm looking forward to reading what she does more as a make-up artist in Jasmine Sea: A River's End Love Story. Book Two!

  6. Congrats, Phillipa, on the book release! I enjoyed learning more about Natio. I really should try coconut oil, especially in the winter as my skin gets cracked and dry.

    1. Hi Cherie, let me know how you like the coconut oil. Perfect for dry skin :-). Natio do a really wide range of products, all not animal tested and really soothing. I think that if Christie (my main character) had to pick a brand, it would be Natio.

  7. I just started making my own body lotion a few months ago. It is 50/50 coconut oil and shea butter along with some beeswax and fragrant essential oils. It is amazing! We use coconut oil for a variety of things at home and love it.

    This read sounds wonderful!

    1. That sounds like a fabulous combination - must be so soothing!